Tevillat Keilim

My friend was in Eretz Yisrael and he bought a set of nice glass cups.  My friend did Tevillah on the glasses in Eretz Yisrael since I have to drive a half hour to go to a Keli mikvah. After I got the I thought maybe I need to Tovel the Kelim again. Do I?

Going to a Chatunah for a forbidden marriage

My second cousin is getting married but I am not sure I should go. Many people int family say that she is really a Mamzeret according to halacha and should not be getting married to a regular person. They say it is a forbidden marriage and some aren’t going to go. (She is daughter of […]

Grafting a tangerine branch on an orange tree

I have  an orange tree in my backyard. My gardener brought a  tangerine branch and said he cold graft it onto orange tree and it would make very good fruit. Can I let him do that?

How to be a witness for a wedding

I was asked to be a witness by my nephew’s wedding the other day. When I was called up to the Chuppah I watched the Chattan give the ring like I was supposed to. I was bothered, though the Kallah wore a very thick veil whole time. I know that if I was called to […]

Said the wrong bracha

On Leil Haseder we made two brachot, on Matzah, Hamotzi and Al Achilat Matzah. I got confused during Chol HaMoed and I thought that since it is Pesach, we say only say the special bracha of Al Achilat Matzah. I didn’t say Hamotzi. When I told my friend, he said it was Shulchan Aruch bracha […]

Using stone on Shabbat

The door to eh Bet Haknesset is a very heavy and it is difficult for some older men to open the door. One day someone took a big rock from outside and placed it by the door to keep it open. Is it permitted to sue the is stone on Shabbat to keep the door […]

Using a barbecue before Shabbat

This Shabbat we are making Al Haesh for the seudah. To keep the food warm we want to take off the grate and stick the pan with food on top of the coals. Is that Ok ?

Greetings before the Tefilla

This morning I needed to ask a friend of mine about something important before Shacharit. I tried to get his attention but he didn’t notice me. Finally, I called out to him ‘Shalom’! Then he realized I was taking to him and we spoke. He told me though that I should not have said Shalom […]

Saying the Beraita of R’ Yishmael

Every morning I say the Beraita of Rabi Yishmael Omer before we start Pesukei Dizimra. I have no clue what the Beraita means (besides maybe Kal VaChomer) .Is there any point for me to say it even if I don’t understand it?

Phlegm during Tefilla

Sometime during Shemoneh Esrei I have phlegm in my throat which I cough up . I never know what I should do. Can I spit discreetly on the floor?