Sheva Brachot by Leil HaSeder

I am getting married this week Bez”H.  By Leil HaSeder I will be by my future in-laws who always have e a large Seder with many guests. Do we say Sheva Brachot by the Seder?

Muktzeh pot lid

One Shabbat I was running late for Shabbat and I was setting up my pots on the hot plate, one of the pot lids fell on the floor and smashed. Not knowing what to do I had leftover tiles from my kitchen and put that on top. It is usually Muktzeh, was I allowed to […]

A Goy who leaves money on shabbat

I do Kiruv on a college campus and I invite many students to our Shabbat table every week. Sometimes the Jewish students invite their no Jewish friends along with them to the meals. We don’t say anything because we want them to feel comfortable. One week one of the friends enjoyed himself so much that […]

wrong name in a Ketuba

I was an Eid- a witness for the Ketubah for my friend Nehorai last night, but I think the Ketuba was passul. Now I know that that is what his friends call him in yeshiva. Before I signed the Ketuba I saw the Mesader Kiddushin wrote HaChatan “Moshe Meir Nehorai.” I have known Nehorai for […]

Double ring ceremony

I am B’ezrat Hashem going to get married in few weeks to a wonderful girl. We are both Baalei Teshuva and we will B’ezrat Hashem build a beautiful home. There is one issue, our parents insist that we do a double-ring ceremony. They told us is important for the bride to give the groom a […]

Hanging up towels to dry on a tree.

We are spending Shabbat in the mountains and we want to be able to hang up a line to hang up wet towels from washing our hands from tree to tree. How can we do it so there is no problem on shabbat?

Yichud in an elevator

My parents in a high riser. Every time I go to visit there is long elevator ride up to their floor. Sometimes when go up in the elevator  a woman gets on with me. Is there a problem of Yichud? Do I need to get off?

Ate a yogurt with a meaty spoon

The other day my son woke up and couldn’t find a milk spoon so he a ate yoghurt with a meat spoon and washed it off. Was that Ok?

Putting on Tefillin on top of a ponytail

I was in the airport and I saw Shlichei Chabad put Tefillin on someone with a big ponytail. When he put the Tefillin on him, the Kesher  of the Tefillin was on top of the ponytail. Did he even fulfil the mitzvah of Tefillin at all, isn’t that a chatzitza? out of curiosity is there […]