Sheva Brachot by Leil Hasder Muktzeh pot lid A Goy who leaves money on Sjabbat wrong name in a ketbuna

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Category : Holidays & Festivals

Muktzeh pot lid

One Shabbat I was running late for Shabbat and I was setting up my pots

Tevillat Keilim

My friend was in Eretz Yisrael and he bought a set of nice glass cups. 

Bal Tashchit

A few years ago, I planted a passionfruit vine in my garden. It was very

Arba Kosot

I have heard there is an inyan to only drink wine for Arba Kosot and

Birkat HaIlanot

I have a serious operation scheduled right before Rosh Chodesh Nissan and it might take

Hilchot Challah

My wife was taking Challah last Erev Shabbat. After she pulled out a piece of

Wedding ring

I was at a wedding of a relative and I was standing next to the

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