Sheva Brachot by Leil Hasder Muktzeh pot lid A Goy who leaves money on Sjabbat wrong name in a ketbuna

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Category : Holidays & Festivals

Natural Wonders

We are taking a driving trip from across the country and we want to see


Since I grew up I was always told that one slice of Pizza was Mezonot.

Shabbat clock

We are going away for Shabbat and the last time I went away my house

Pirsumei Nissa

I live in a neighborhood with little or no Jews. The street I live on


In my community a group of young men decided to start a volunteer EMT, emergency

Muktzeh pot lid

One Shabbat I was running late for Shabbat and I was setting up my pots

Tevillat Keilim

My friend was in Eretz Yisrael and he bought a set of nice glass cups. 

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