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Category : Holidays & Festivals

Rabbi Akiva

Why is there no fast of Rabbi Akiva as there is for Gedalia. Rabbi Akivas

Bedikat Chametz

Every year before Pesach we diligently do Bedikat Chametz, and Biur Chametz and sell our

Aveirah Lishma

I sold my whiskey to my Non-Jewish neighbor before Pesach. He told me he would

Amount of Tzedaka

How much Tsedaka should I give(Tsedaka is not given in person. It is given to

Bat Mitzvah

1. Are women called to the bima to read Tenach? 2. When is it to

The final Temple

I have heard that it is not clear whether Hashem builds or Mankind builds the


Por favor, poderiam me responder o que siginifica a Kabalah? Desde já agradeço.

Temple Alter

Is it kosher to build and dedicate an altar now, for the future temple? Thanks!

Laws for Peyos

Good morning. Im preparing for Orthodox Jewish conversion and would like to get an understanding


Shalom! The five Books of our Torah are holy. Can we say that are more

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